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File Extension AMSORM

The file extension AMSORM is associated with Online Ringman, which is an application produced by Xcira that is used to allow you to participate in live auctions delivered over the Internet regardless of your location. Instead of auction environments such as eBay, traditional auctions are conducted with online bidders communicating with the auctioneers using the Online Ringman interface.

The file extension AMSORM stands for Auction Management Systems Online Ringman and is a data file type that accompanyies the download of the Online Ringman software application. When you download the program, the AMSORM file extension is placed in the Auction Client and is configured to open with the RingStart.EXE file.

Online Ringman is integrated with business applications owned by the auctioning organization. The application allows auctioneers to take care of clerking responsibility, monitor the bidder connection status, send out alerts to bidders, and provides proxy bidding functions that reduce the need for auctioning staff.

Bidders that install the Online Ringman software use PC administrator rights to install and activate the program. This provides the bidder with access to the auction pipeline and participation in traditional auctions in a broad range of locations.

How to Open AMSORM Files

AMSORM files must be used with the Online Ringman application since they are connected with the RingStart.exe. Because of the function the AMSORM file serves, there is really no reason to open this file manually. Additionally, since the file is connected with an executable file, accidentally modifying the file through manual access can cause errors to occur in the application and potentially render the program useless.

AMSORM files should be opened using the Online Ringman application. When you log on to the Online Ringman website, you will receive a message that says the system cannot detect a version of the software. You are then prompted to log onto your PC with administrator privileges and then install and activate the Online Ringman software.

You should note that Online Ringman is the only program association with the AMSORM extension. The file cannot be converted and usually should not be opened manually. The Online Ringman application is compatible with the Windows operating system and Mac OS X.