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File Extension ABM

Files that contain the ABL file extension are associated with HitPlayer which is a program that provides audio over Internet Protocol (IP) by using both software and hardware that is specifically designed for the HitPlayer program. ABM stands for Album, which means the files store a variety of tracks related to an audio album.

HitPlayer is a device created by Digigram and is used to play background music in public venues and transportation hubs in addition to acting as a backup program source for broadcast radio. If you do not have a HitPlayer device, it can be difficult to determine the exact contents of an ABM file.

ABM files can also be associated with a variety of different photo album programs. In this case the files will contain images and photos which were created by a specific photo album program. If the files contain both photos and audio, it is possible that the ABM file is related to Audition Online Dance Battle which is a gaming application available on the Internet.

ABM files can also be created by older software applications which are no longer available. Some of the programs may include PhotoMAX Image Maker, early versions of ArcSoft PhotoStudio, and GSP Photo Album, to name a few applications.

How to Open ABM Files

Since it can be difficult to determine what program created the ABM files you are trying to access, you can begin by double clicking on the file to see if it opens in a default application you have installed on your PC. If this method is unsuccessful, there are a few other methods you can use to open and view ABM files.

If you use Windows, you can try to open ABM files with ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6, which is also compatible with the Mac operating system. ArcSoft is photo editing software available as a free trial on the ArcSoft website. It provides you with advanced editing tools in addition to opening and viewing ABM files.

You can also opt to convert ABM files to another format using a third party software program such as Konvertor. Konverter is available on the Logipole website and allows you to open and convert a wide variety of file formats from different operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Unix, Atari, Xbox, and many others. This type of software program is capable of reading common extensions as well as less familiar types such as ABM files.

You can also try to convert ABM files using an online resource such as Zamzar which will convert the file for you as long as it is not copyright protected. You simply log onto the website, browse for the ABM file, select the new file format, enter your email address, and then click on Convert. Within minutes the file is forwarded to your email inbox.