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File Extension ABA

The file extension ABA is associated with Avant Browser and Palm Desktop applications. Avant Browser is a web browsing application which provides a faster way to browse the Internet. Avant Browser has similar characteristics to Internet Explorer except the browser offers additional capabilities and functions via specific add-ons and plugins. Palm Desktop is a software application used with older Palm handheld devices which are Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) used to organize daily tasks.

If the ABA file extension is related to Avant Browser, the file is categorized as a plugin file type which stores data that extends the capabilities and functions for Avant. The data which is contained in the ABA file is specific to the functions which are added to the Avant Browser using the plugin application. Avant Browser is available in both a Standard and Ultimate version and provides additional capabilities through plugins which serve functions such as low memory usage, multi-processing, accelerated downloads, video sniffing which automatically detects web page videos, reduced CPU usage, popup blocking, and a variety of other services that add to the Avant Browser functionality.

ABA files which are part of Palm Desktop are categorized as a backup file type which contains address books created with a Palm OS device. The address books are stored as a compressed file archive which acts as a backup for addresses in the event of data loss. Palm mobile devices are older portable devices which use the Palm Desktop software application to sync data between your PC and a Palm OS device.

How to Open ABA Files

If the file extension ABA is associated with the Avant Browser, the file can be opened using the Avant Force Avant Browser. Avant Browser is available as freeware and runs on three different Rendering Engines which include Gecko, Trident, and Webkit. These are the same engines which run with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox and can be selected by the user according to each website that is visited using the Avant Browser.

Avant Browser is available for download on the Avant Browser website and is designed for use with the Windows operating system. ABA plugin files which are used with Avant Browser originate from installation and by clicking on Tools on the main toolbar of the Avant Browser and then choosing Options from the submenu. Under Options you can choose Add-Ons to select the specific ABA plugin which offers the functionality you want to add to Avant Browser.

ABA files which are related to Palm Desktop can be opened using Palm Desktop for Windows or Palm Desktop for Mac. Both software applications are available on the Hewlett-Packard website and serve to backup data which is stored on a Palm device to the PC, including address books created with the Palm device.