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File Extension _JPG

The file extension _JPG is created when your browser or other applications inexplicably change the file extension when you download documents from the Internet. This is usually the result of a problem with the application you are using, which prevents you from opening files in any JPG compatible application unless you change the extension from _JPG back to JPG.

The _JPG file is categorized as an image file type which is derived from the file extension JPG without the underscore. The files contain images or photos which have been created with a specific device or image editing application. JPG files are an image file format related to the JPEG format which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. JPG files are stored in a compressed format which is mainly used for displaying graphics on a website. The files are also used digitally to save space in photo management applications due to the reduced file size.

The problem with _JPG files is commonly related to Internet Explorer when you use the MobileMe website. Internet Explorer has been known to change file names, especially if you are using a file sharing tool. When a JPG file is changed to _JPG, spaces can be placed in the file extension at random or to an underscore which appears in front of the file extension such as ._JPG.

The _JPG file extension can also occur when you are using a photo management application or other type of image editing program. _JPG has also been known to occur when the file is sent as an email attachment by certain email clients. The end result is difficulty with opening _JPG files since most applications are not designed to read this type of the file extension.

It is also not uncommon to see the file extension displayed in batches with _JPG.JPG as the extension if there is a problem with a photo management application. This can make it time consuming to change all of the file extensions back to JPG to enable the files to be opened for printing or sharing.

How to Open _JPG Files

There are multiple ways you can go about fixing the file extension _JPG to enable it to be opened by a wide variety of image editing applications. If you suspect the problem may have occurred while using Internet Explorer, you can go about solving the problem by opening up Internet Explorer and then clicking on Tools on the main toolbar. On the drop-down menu, choose Internet Options and then select the Security tab.

Under the Security tab click on Trusted Sites and then choose Sites. Remove the check mark in the box next to “Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone.” Using the prompt, add the URL for the website where you are trying to download a JPG file.

When you have completed the process, click on Close to exit the window and then click the OK icon. Close the Internet Explorer browser, wait a few seconds, and then reopen Internet Explorer and try downloading the JPG file again.

If the file extension _JPG has taken on the extension of filename_JPG.JPG, chances are there is a glitch in the application you used to create or save the file, especially if there are multiple file extensions listed like the one shown above. In this case, you can use the Batch Rename software application to rename batches of files back to the file extension JPG. Batch Rename saves time and is available for download at minimal cost on the PowerTurn website. Batch Rename is designed for use with the Windows operating system.

If you have one or just a few files which are named with the file extension _JPG, you can right click on the file and then click on Rename from the drop-down menu. When the prompt appears, change the extension from _JPG to JPG. This will enable you to open the file using a variety of image editing viewers and applications.