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File Extension _EML

The file extension _EML is associated with Windows Live Mail, which is an email client created by Microsoft. Windows Live Mail provides a way to send and receive email messages, read news feeds, and access other data and information over the Internet. Live Mail also stores contact lists, calendars, task lists, and other information which assists email users with sending email messages, accessing information online and staying on task.

The _EML file extension is categorized as a miscellaneous file type and stores email messages which are sent using the Windows Live Mail email client application. Windows Live Mail messages typically contain the EML extension with a period before the extension as opposed to an underscore. The file is changed to the _EML extension as the result of a bug in the Windows Live Mail program. The problem is usually the result of a base file name before the extension which contains multiple symbols, including periods. Once the recipient receives the message, the extension is changed to an EML extension which is preceded by an underscore such as _EML.

When email messages are sent using Windows Live Mail, the extension is inadvertently changed to an underscore before the extension name as opposed to a period. The _EML extension can also be created when the recipient drags the email message to a device desktop. The _EML file still contains the email message; however, the file is unable to be opened when the recipient double clicks on it.

How to Open _EML Files

In order to open the file extension _EML, it is necessary to change the extension to .EML with a period. To accomplish this you must save the _EML file in a location on your device such as the desktop, My Documents, or other location where you store documents. Once the file is saved, locate the file and then right click on it. Select Rename from the drop-down menu and change the file extension to .EML instead of _EML. When you double click on the file, you should be able to open and read the email message contained in the file.

You can also open _EML files when you save them to the desktop by right clicking on the file and then choosing Open With from the drop-down menu. When the list of applications appears, click on Windows Live Mail and then select Always use the selected program to open this kind of file. If Windows Live Mail is not in the list, you can click on Browse to locate the program in your PC. Once you choose the program, all files with the _EML extension will automatically open in Windows Live Mail.

If the email message contains simple text, you can also change the file extension to another extension such as DOC to enable the file to be read with a word processing or text editing application. You can change the file extension by right clicking on the file and using the method described above. The extension name must contain a period before the extension name as opposed to an underscore to enable the file to be opened successfully.