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File Extension 3G2

Files that contain the .3G2 extension are video files delivered in a highly compressed format for use with mobile devices. As 3G2 files utilize a different type of compression, the videos are typically lower resolution than videos placed in other file formats. A 3G2 file is based on the 3G standard for mobile phone connectivity. It was developed by the Third Generation Partnership Project, hence the name 3G2 for the file extension.

3G2 files contain video and audio files associated with the class of 3GP, 3GPP2, and 3GPP applications. The file extension is the latest format for using multimedia over high speed wireless networks and uses 3G2 encoding to deliver high quality video and audio that can be played back on any 3G mobile device.

How to Open 3G2 Files

You can open and play 3G2 files using a variety of media player applications which are both free and paid. Most of the applications are cross platform and work with the major operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

The two primary media players that work across multiple operating systems are RealNetworks Real Player and VideoLAN VLC Media Player, available as a free download. For Windows and Mac OS X you can use Apple QuickTime Player to open and play 3G2 files. Programs such as Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate and CyberLink PowerDirector 10 will also open these files in Windows.

You can also opt to use a file conversion program which will convert 3G2 to another format. Programs such as RER Video Converter allow you to convert video files without having to add a codec. 3G2 files can be converted to different types of formats, some of which include MKV, 3GP, DivX, MPG, SWF, FLV, MOV, and many others. You can locate file conversion programs on sites such as CNET and Softpedia or by logging onto a website such as Zamzar which will convert the files for you free of charge and forward them to your email address.

If you have problems with opening 3G2 files and you have one of the above mentioned programs installed, it may be due to file corruption. In this case you can download and install software which is capable of repairing file errors. If you choose this route, make sure you use software from a reputable website to avoid exposing your PC to malware.

Read customer reviews and make sure you are on an authentic website before downloading software. Some of the malicious websites are designed to mimic a trustworthy website in an effort to fool consumers into downloading software which contains malicious files.