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File Extension 001

Files with the file extension 001 are related to a Split Archive File, which is a compressed file format associated with a variety of compression utility programs. Split Archive Files are a collection of files that have been packaged as one large file for the purpose of storage and backup. The files are packaged together in parts hence the name Split Archive.

Split Archive or multi-volume files were originally created for floppy disks to provide a way to store more data on a disk which did not offer a large amount of storage space. The process was later used to compress files to a CD to enable the transport of data saved to a disk. In order to burn the files to a CD/DVD under the ISO 9660 standard, it was necessary to split the files. In the current day, multi-volume files are used for P2P file sharing on the Internet and as a method for storage and backup of large volumes of data.

001 files are created using a file joiner and splitter program which provides a way to combine files by splitting them into different parts. This means that 001 files are part of a succession of files within the Split Archive format such as file.001, file.002, file.003, and so on. In order to open and extract the contents of a Split Archive File, it is necessary to use all parts of the file sequence to extract the contents.

If you try to access the contents of a single 001, file you may not be able to do so if the 001 is the first section of a multi-volume archive. Instead, the 001 file is the first section of a large file that has been split into chunks of data.

How to Open 001 Files

In order to open 001 files, you must have the required sequence of split files, such as 001,002, 003, etc. As mentioned above, the 001 file is part of a sequential series of split files which belong to a single large compressed file.

Before you can open 001 files, you must split the files into one file using a splitting tool such as File Splitter, JR Split File Pro, and GSplit file splitting software. Once you have successfully split the files, you can use a compression utility tool to extract the data from the merged file.

In Windows you can use 7-Zip, WinRAR, or ZipZag to open and view the contents of a 001 file. Programs such as Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe and Freebyte HJSplit are also effective for opening a 001 file in Windows.

For Mac OS X, you can open and view 001 files using StuffIt Expander for Mac, The Unarchiver, or RAR for Mac OS X. You can also opt to use Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe 2011 or Split and Concat, which will open 001 files contained in a multi-volume file archive.

In Linux or UNIX you can open 001 files using Xarchiver, File Roller, or RAR for Linux. You can also use PeaZip, which is multiplatform and works with Windows and Mac OS X.