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File Extension 000

Files that contain the 000 extension are associated with multiple programs and applications and various file types. The programs and applications include Revelation Software, Windows CE Installation Package, VirtualCD, and Indexing Service. 000 files contain data and information related to the program that created them.

If the file extension 000 is created by Revelation Software, it is a database file type that contains information used with critical applications for businesses and enterprises. This type of 000 file is used with a relational database platform to create applications which foster productivity for mission critical business operations.

The file extension 000 created with Windows CE Installation Package is a various file type that contains data which defines how a program should be installed in Windows. The files use installer scripts and directory paths to guide the installation of WinCE software programs.

000 files can also be a disk image file type that is created by VirtualCD, which is an application designed to create disk images for the purpose of backup, storage, and restoration. 000 files are burned to a disk using the Virtual CD program where it can be opened as long as it is accompanied by a VCX file.

If a 000 file originates from Windows Indexing Service, it is a system file type that contains data related to files stored on the hard drive for the Windows operating system. 000 files provide an index that allows system files to be searched. The files are organized as a catalog and stored in the System Volume folder for Windows.

How to Open 000 Files

If you are unsure what program created the 000 file, double click on the file to see if it will automatically open in a default program. You may have an application installed on your PC that is capable of supporting 000 file types and capable of opening the file using this method.

If the 000 file is associated with Revelation Software, you can open the file on any Windows PC with Revelation Software installed. You can also use GeoWorks, ISO Buster, or DoubleSpace to open and view the contents of a 000 file.

The file extension 000 created with Windows CE must be opened using Cabextract on the Linux operating system. Cabextract is open source software designed to extract CAB files, including files with the 000 extension. Cabextract is available as a free download from the Cabextract website.

If 000 files are created with Virtual CD and you use Windows, you can open this type of file with Smart Projects ISOBuster or EZB Systems UltraISO. You can also use H+H Software VirtualCD program of origin.

000 files related to Windows Indexing Service can be opened using the Windows 7 operating system. 000 files are included with other system file types and can be opened by accessing the System Volume Information folder in Windows Explorer. This folder is typically located on the C drive and can be accessed by clicking on My Computer.